Cooking Instructions for 50 pounds of Crawfish

30 quarts of cold water
12 medium onions quartered
6 heads of garlic sliced in half
12 lemons quartered
4 pounds of salt
1 quart of vegetable  oil
1/4 pounds of cayenne pepper
4-3 oz bags of crawfish boil
3-12 oz bottles of beer
24 medium red potatoes
12 ears of corm

12 servings with 2 hour prep time
Method of cooking
Live crawfish
Cold salt water to purge crawfish and then rinse again
60 quart stock pot
Rolling boil on water Method of cooking can be done on stove on the large burner. Another method of cooking could be outside on a burner used for frying fish. Purging crawfish in a large outside container or bathtub will work. The purging is important to get the sand and other things out of crawfish. This is where the salt is used. Drain and rinse crawfish. Start the water boiling to a rolling boil. Add onions, garlic, lemons, oil, pepper, crawfish boil, salt to taste and beer. This is to be boiled for 30 minutes. Place careful the crawfish into the mixture after it returns to a boil. Cook crawfish from 5 to 7 minutes. Turn off heat and allow crawfish to sit in pot for 30 minutes. Test at 10 minute intervals until you reach desired taste. Make sure all crawfish are alive going into put. Also it might need dividing recipe up according to size of container to cook in. If you really want to kick up the flavour you can take out crawfish and season with Tony’s seasoning salt. Layering seasoning salt as you place your meal into a styfoam cooler. Put lid on and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Now you have your Cajun license to cook¬† After all your work you deserve the title.
Enjoy this recipe from my mother, Elaine Bowman.



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