Yellow Squash
Quart size bags

Take yellow squash and wash with dish washing detergent  Then rinse well. Cut a little off both ends of the squash. Slice long ways and then cut into cubes. Then place into the zip lock bag almost to the top. Do not add water. They will freeze and stay fresh until you use them for cooking. I usually check around for better prices on buying yellow squash. When I find a good price, I usually buy as much as possible at that time cause prices seem to increase according to the time of year.

Yellow squash recipe

1 or 2 zip lock bags of yellow squash
1 small onion
3 tablespoons of butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Take the bags of yellow squash and break them loose and pour in a skillet or pan. Add butter and heat on medium stirring often about 10 minutes.Then add salt and pepper. Cover and cook about 15 minutes. Stir and place on low heat to cook until done. Check to see if a little water is needed. Cook till squash and onions are tender.

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